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Freelance Graphic Design

August 10th, 2009 Tags:
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Freelance Graphic Design

Thinking about hiring a freelance graphic designer? This article will help you decide what is the best approach to get quality freelance graphic design material for a great price and on deadline.

So you’re looking for a new logo, business card or some form of promotional material. AND, you want it all for a good price that won’t blow the bank. Often a good place to look is for freelance graphic design.

Why use a Freelance Graphic Designer?

There are a lot of brilliant freelance designers that can create professional branding ontime and onbudget everytime. These designers are often extremely talented but have decided to pursue a freelance career for more creative control, to explore further avenues for expressing themselves, or to have a more one on one relationship with their clients.

There are also a lot of shockingly unprofessional freelancers. The type that promise great quality graphic design in unrealistic timeframes, and rarely deliver a professional result.

When searching for a freelance graphic designer we suggest:

  • Check their clients, even call or email some of them to find out how well the freelancer worked on the project,
  • Ensure the work is their own, and not work done or influenced by the creative lead at their day job,
  • Get set prices and set deadlines from the outset to avoid frustration,
  • Do an ABN check (if an Australian freelance graphic designer) so you know who you’re dealing with.
  • Confirm with them that they will be around in 6 months when you need to print new cards or create new material
  • Ask if you own the copyright to the source files including your logo (this is often a grey area)

What are alternatives to Freelance Graphic Design?

You guessed it. Graphic design from a company such as ours, Mooty Graphic Design. As a registered Australian company you can be secure in the knowledge we will always provide professional branding at a very reasonable price.

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